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As trustee, we are the legal owner of, or hold security over, assets and financial instruments on behalf of our clients as well as providing administration and supervisory services. We would be responsible for the compliance and governance of the trust. We will ensure that the trust operates within the confines of its trust deed, disclosure documents and the law.

We act as trustee for funds invested in a variety of asset classes including infrastructure, real estate, and equities. Our services include:
  • Custody services – holding assets on behalf of clients
  • Trusteefor securitisation transactions
  • Security trustee services and facility agent for debt financing – acting as security trustee and facility agent on behalf of lenders to corporates, infrastructure transactions or securitisation transactions
  • Note trustee for retail and wholesale issues – trustee for retail and wholesale bonds
  • Escrow agent – holding property or cash on behalf of clients during a transaction or following a dispute
  • Processing agent – receiving notices on behalf of offshore issuers
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